HEAR, #1

First week…

This week, HEAR is absolutely dedicated to my heart sisters Rita Lino and Mariana Freire, whom i spent the weekend with for the first time in quite some years.

1- Euro Trash was always, and probably will always be a big fetish of mine. Who doesn’t follow the beat of these two classic when they hit the dance floor?
As special as was last weekend, these two tracks, dropped by english djs in Oporto’s Vice Red Bull Academy Awards after party, set the crowd on fire.

Gala – Freed From Desire

Steve Angello and Laidback Luke vs Robin S – Show Me Love

2- Blond Redhead, was once one of my favorite bands, but fell in between others during the years. This week Rita reminded me of them, and made me look for their dusty albums on my mind and hard drive. Here the most played this week on my iTunes…

Blond Redhead – Hated Because of Great Qualities

Blond Redhead – Pink Love

Blond Redhead – 23

and this is it. hope you enjoyed this firts HEAR week!

suggestions, requests to put musics down, love and hate to gin.atomico AT gmail DOT com

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